FREE QUIZ - What Type of Barbie Are You?

Know your Barbie Type for better relationships and career choices...

What type of Barbie are you? Just like Barbie has different outfits for every occasion, you have different personalities for every eventuality.

However, there are 4 key types of Barbie that you will operate from for your work/career/business, relationships, and in relation to Money/investing.

If you understand what type of Barbie you are, then you will be happier in the "right" type of work for you. You will understand your relationships better and be able to be more loving to your partner, and your family.

If you are single, know what type of person is more compatible with you, your dreams and desires. You can even work out how you relate to money, and the type of investments that will suit you best if you wish to invest. 

The Quiz below asks you to think about your business or investing. You can equally use this quiz thinking about your relationship, or your work.

Choose the key element you want to improve in your life. The results at the end will help you start to see what is your modus operandi, throughout out all your Barbie lives - career woman, wife, mother, partner, child, lover, adventurer, homebody....

et's discover who you are... 

  • Trailblazer Barbie
  • Motivator Barbie
  • Evaluator Barbie
  • Stabiliser Barbie. 

If things aren't sweet in your Barbie house, maybe your Barbie life isn't matching your personality.

Maybe you're a trailblazer barbie whose been living an evaluator Barbie life and feeling bored, or a stabiliser barbie living a motivator life and feeling overwhelmed.

If your Dream Barbie life doesn't match your dream barbie personality, you could be  feeling depressed, unmotivated, overwhelmed, anxious.

If your Dream Barbie life matches your personality, you feel happy, aligned with your purpose, calm, etc. 

here's a bit more to it, but do the quiz, and then we can start working on how to bring you back in line with your true Barbie purpose.

Click the button to do the quiz. We will get a few details so we can send your results, and help you understand more about your Barbie type.

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